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Whether you realize it or not, your organization is telling a story.  Everyday.  Now stop and ask yourself two questions:  Are you the one telling that story?  And if you're not, who is?  If you answered 'I don't know' to one or both of these questions, then we should talk.

In the age of Social Media, control of your brand is more important than ever.   A world-beating product or service is no longer enough to sell your story.  Word of mouth travels at light speed and multiplies exponentially as it does.  Your stakeholders are expecting a consistent set of vibrant, intuitive tools to access your story, inform themselves and their peers, and pass along their experiences. 

But even in this brave new world of Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp, the fundamentals haven't changed.  An organization's story begins as it always has: with a well crafted message and an accompanying brand identity that projects its core values and unites its stakeholders.   Many today consider this an inconsequential luxury, or worse, passé and unnecessary, something an App somewhere can generate with a few buzz words.  But they proceed with their story at their peril.

At Mellcom, we know better.  Our professional writers, graphic artists, marketing gurus and creative minds work together to deliver deceptively simple solutions that serve as durable and flexible platforms to propel your story forward.